Core Beliefs

I was reminded twice today about one of my core beliefs. Everything happens for a purpose. Every person who comes into our lives comes into our lives for a reason.

When life turns challenging, it is in essence, a notice to tell you that you must make changes. It is your wake up call. When we ignore the challenge and continue to live our lives and attempt to pretend there is nothing we need to acknowledge, I believe the challenge will increase in intensity.

We have to learn from every day lessons. We need to meet people who enlighten us and become our teachers. We need to be aware of all the signs that indicate there is something that needs our attention.

My friend Barbara Wagner called today. I met her in 1985 and we went to several classes together. We witnessed each other’s relationship confrontations and life’s major challenges. Yet we do more than survive, we thrive.

We lost touch and it has been five years since we have talked, but it was as though we never missed a beat!

Barbara asked, so I wonder why we are back in each other’s lives?

Yes, I too wonder!