Challenged by Hackers

I wonder where challenges come from when considering the Law of Attraction?

I was in Belize and Ajijic for nearly 3 weeks and for the past week since I’ve been back, I have done nothing but try to recover passwords and websites. The first thing that happened was someone charged something to my PayPal account. Hitendra Mishra ordered something and PayPal was kind enough to reverse the charge.

Then on Friday I got a Skype message from a good friend who asked what he could do, he had just seen my post on Facebook. Since I hadn’t posted anything on Facebook, I took a look and sure enough someone posted that “I have 4  stage melanoma”. I had to retract the statement and apologize to friends who had left messages leaving me their good thoughts and prayers.

Over the weekend when I normally work on my, now 22 blogs, I wasn’t able to log into my sites. All were unavailable. I attributed it to a server upgrade and pestered the server to let me know when the servers would be up. They assured me there was no interruption to the sites, but I knew better. After several messages I went to GoDaddy to look at my account and I was locked out. I couldn’t log in.

After an hour of verifying I am who I am and resetting the password and checking the Nameservers, guess what? Hitendra Mishra had changed the administrator to him and redirected my sites to his webhost.

All of a sudden I couldn’t send an email through Outlook so I called Comcast, my email provider and spent another hour on the phone, first verifying that I am who I am, then resetting the password and changing all four of my outgoing mail accounts.

Again, for the 4th time, I’m locked out of my PayPal account and I’m waiting an encryption card from them. They insure me the security measure will make it impossible for anyone else to log onto my account in the future.

Now I’m locked out of my FTP account and can’t make changes to my sites. I know that too will be resolved.

So two things . . . first what the hell does anyone get from messing with someone like this? Second, what is going on in the Universe and with the Law of Attraction that would bring this into my life?

I’ve kept my cool the whole time, but frankly it has been stressful. I haven’t accomplished anything other than recovering what had already been done.

When it comes to an “eye for an eye” I hope it hits Hitendra across the face big time, or is that wrong of me? Should I be grateful for the experience? I’m not sure that’s possible.

I’ve always said, I know that Karma will take care of people like Hitendra, but I’d sure like to be there when it does it’s job!