Have you ever met someone and immediately you feel connected as though you have known them for a long period of time? Have you ever considered the reaction you have to someone has nothing to do with who they are as much as what or who they might represent? Did they inspire an immediate knee … Read more

Occidental – 3

I remember several people, both friends and those in the church who commented on how I even physically looked different. I’m not sure how long the feeling lasted or how long my improved level of self confidence lasted, but I was always able to tap back into the feeling when things became difficult. Everyone should … Read more

Occidental – 2

It was an amazing day when I arrived. They had bunkhouses all over the property, very large fire pits for roasting marshmallows and logs surrounding the fire pit so we could sing around the fire while roasting marshmallows. The days went by in a blur. We ran, sang, played and had the most wonderful time. … Read more

Visiting Ajijic

I headed over to Ajijic to visit my friend who moved to Fargo about 18 months ago. She has a house sitting job for five months in Ajijic and she invited me to come for a week. So on Saturday, I left Belize and headed to Guadalajara. But she wasn’t on the flight and I … Read more


I’m looking forward to connecting with more speakers and those who create events. I was speaking a couple of weeks ago and realized that about half-way through I remembered exactly why speaking to others is so important to me. When I had everyone come up to me afterwards and ask me questions, I felt this … Read more


Inspiration comes from many resources. I have a friend who has two daughters, one 15 who is going through the terrible teens!  I can’t imagine what it would be like to endure that era in this day and age! She has an interest in modeling and fashion, so I asked if she would like to … Read more

New Year

It is so exciting to be in the beginning of a brand New Year. It’s a “do over”. Just like in “City Slickers”. We can make up new rules, have brand new goals and develop new relationships. You can re-invent yourself and your business. Whatever you choose to do, no one should be able to … Read more

Beauty All Around

Spring is in the air and I love the change of seasons. This season always brings visions of growth, new beginnings and a chance to reestablish my priorities. What have you done during the first quarter that you are particularly proud of? Have you rewarded yourself in a special way? One of the things that … Read more