Occidental – 3

I remember several people, both friends and those in the church who commented on how I even physically looked different. I’m not sure how long the feeling lasted or how long my improved level of self confidence lasted, but I was always able to tap back into the feeling when things became difficult.

Everyone should have their Occidental. Everyone should be able to tap into an energy that will give them a true sense of belonging and self-assuredness.

Life often provides us with difficult lessons, but it’s how we handle the lessons that make the difference in who we are to become. I was raised to keep my mouth closed no matter how challenging a situation might become. I was trained not to fight back.

I have launched several organizations for underprivileged, especially youth in forty years. I have defended those who don’t know how to defend themselves and became a champion for those who have been subjected to unfortunate situations.

The week I spent in Occidental gave me the strength to overcome the last three difficult years I lived with my parents and set the foundation as to what I would become as an adult.