I am often asked my advice on specific concepts by friends, business clients and especially when I’m speaking at events.

I know it’s not that I am any smarter than the next person, but somehow I have developed a broad understanding of they rhythm and reason of most situations people are likely to experience.

Then again, it’s possible to be so engrossed in our own situations when we’re experiencing them we aren’t able to be objective or recognize all the possibilities.

Asking a friend for their opinion is a great way to gain another point of view. Asking several friends will allow you to see many perspectives.

There’s a great American Indian concept where Indians would stand at a 45 degree angle and view their challenges as though they were passing in front of them. In that instant, they were able to be objective and see many possibilities of the outcomes and choose which results was the most appropriate.

Our natural instinct is to take the challenge on full in the chest and that is why we are so stricken when we are faced with difficulties.

The next time you are facing a challenge, first talk it over with a couple of close friends. Then map out your potential solutions and choose what you might like the outcome to be.