Dream Sequence

I was about ten when I first had the dream and it continued like a television series until I was fifteen years old. That was when I wrote the dream out and turned it in as my English assignment for a creative writing assignment.

The dream began with me sitting in the forest on a large wooded chair. I was so small my feet didn’t event reach the edge of the seat. I looked up and noticed there was a line of people serpentined as far as I could see going towards the village.

The era was around the 14th century according to the attire everyone was wearing. Women were draped in layers of muted colors of muslin; men wore loose fitting trousers and muslin shirts. Most of the children were barefooted and both young boys and girls wore loose fitting dresses that were more like sacks with twine used as a belt.

There were mostly women waiting to talk with me and they all had questions, mostly about their family’s health. One of the questions that came up frequently was about the fever so many of the children would get.

One of the mothers was particularly upset and came to ask me how to help her son who had developed a fever and couldn’t get out of bed for weeks. I thought for a few moments, closed my eyes and saw a vision of a tree in the forest. When I opened my eyes I told the woman to go into the woods, look for the tree that grew with it’s leaves that turned brown and were shaped like a crest. She was to dig three feet down and get the root of the tree, then grind it up and make a tea for him. He wasn’t to drink or eat anything else.