Occidental – 2

It was an amazing day when I arrived. They had bunkhouses all over the property, very large fire pits for roasting marshmallows and logs surrounding the fire pit so we could sing around the fire while roasting marshmallows.

The days went by in a blur. We ran, sang, played and had the most wonderful time. On the fourth or fifth day, the young priest turned on the record player outside at the camp fire and picked up his guitar and began to sing along with the Beach Boys song Wendy.

It was as if the song had magical powers and instantly relieved me from the burden of the anxiety I had been experiencing. Being outdoors among the beautiful Redwood trees, surrounded by other young women who still knew how to laugh out loud and have a great time was exactly what I needed to rediscover my inner self.

When I returned home I felt as though I was walking ten feet off the ground. I didn’t react to my mother’s angry sarcastic jibes and I felt as though I had purpose for the first time in my entire life.