The Recipe

If you’ve heard of, you know you can get some great deals working with people who have an expertise that is beyond what you can find on a local basis for $5, but you have to offer a service or product for $5 in return. I have many things to offer and one of … Read more


I started listening to Theta about six months ago, nearly every day. It took about four months before I began to notice various incidents that would occur that coincided with what I would focus on during the Theta meditation. The program designed by Jose Silva for his Mind Control program uses a tapping tone that … Read more


I’m looking forward to connecting with more speakers and those who create events. I was speaking a couple of weeks ago and realized that about half-way through I remembered exactly why speaking to others is so important to me. When I had everyone come up to me afterwards and ask me questions, I felt this … Read more


Inspiration comes from many resources. I have a friend who has two daughters, one 15 who is going through the terrible teens!  I can’t imagine what it would be like to endure that era in this day and age! She has an interest in modeling and fashion, so I asked if she would like to … Read more

New Year

It is so exciting to be in the beginning of a brand New Year. It’s a “do over”. Just like in “City Slickers”. We can make up new rules, have brand new goals and develop new relationships. You can re-invent yourself and your business. Whatever you choose to do, no one should be able to … Read more

Beauty All Around

Spring is in the air and I love the change of seasons. This season always brings visions of growth, new beginnings and a chance to reestablish my priorities. What have you done during the first quarter that you are particularly proud of? Have you rewarded yourself in a special way? One of the things that … Read more