I started listening to Theta about six months ago, nearly every day. It took about four months before I began to notice various incidents that would occur that coincided with what I would focus on during the Theta meditation.

The program designed by Jose Silva for his Mind Control program uses a tapping tone that addresses the brain’s ability to attract what it focuses on.

I have seen so many incidents where the right person shows up at the right time. The right connection and the right instance just happens to be there when I need them. I have been so impressed with the amount of people who have shown up for me during the past few months. It’s like having it orchestrated by  someone above.

The more I focus on what it is I want and need for the Ultimate Business University, the more they show up. I am not specific about what I am asking for but I ask for the perfect person and situation always seem to show up.

You can find the mp3 file to down load on

Download the file to your mp3 player. There is also Alpha which relaxes your mind and the Brother Charles Delta state for sleeping.