The Unexpected

Have you ever been going along living your life content with what you have created and then one day, one simple thing changes your whole life?

I’ve been single,  no dates, no relationships for more than 13 years. I haven’t even cared there hasn’t been anyone in my life other than my brother and good friends. It never seemed like a long time. It never occurred to me I would ever be exposed to needing or wanting someone in my life ever again.

Then out of nowhere I get a message from a man from Facebook and he asked if I would write to him. I started answering his postings and then we began to email. Of course the next step was talking on the phone.

I couldn’t believe his voice. He has a heavy Brazilian accent and an amazing spontaneous laugh. He laughs at my jokes and he has an easy manner of conversation.

I do not know where this might go. I don’t know if it will amount to anything more than amazing conversations. He knows how to inspire a level of interest that goes beyond anything I have known in many years.

I look forward to the adventure. I am anxious to see where this might lead. It is difficult to reign in the anticipation and hopes of what might be. But I will keep my mind and heart open.