It has been a long time since I allowed myself to be vulnerable emotionally. I have been so embroiled in taking care of others and surviving for so many years, I have not taken the time to pursue any relationships other than those of friends.

But we all know, however rewarding being with friends might be, having someone in your life who you love and can be loved in return is the ultimate gift in our lives. Knowing someone cares beyond reason as will support you regardless of the circumstance is priceless.

So I have been challenged. Do I want to have someone in my life? Do I want the entanglement of being in an relationship? Do I have the time to dedicate to a new relationship? Can I become vulnerable enough to allow someone into my life?

It is a challenge. I want to believe I am ready for the challenge and I will be open to  what it takes to keep an open mind as well as open arms.

It has been more than 13 years since I’ve been in a relationship and it seems odd that I could actually have a man in my life who I can relate to and trust and want to be a part of my destination.

But if it weren’t possible, it wouldn’t be, would it?