The Recipe

If you’ve heard of, you know you can get some great deals working with people who have an expertise that is beyond what you can find on a local basis for $5, but you have to offer a service or product for $5 in return.

I have many things to offer and one of the first was a combination of 5 recipes for gourmet  meals.  The offer has been online for more than a year and finally someone took me up on it.

She has a blog featuring cooking techniques and gourmet recipes. It was such a nice surprise to see my recipes on her site.

You can go and check out a few of my favorite preparations and see what you think. I am well know by my friends for quick, simple and inexpensive gourmet meals. I like to have everything look great and come in under $5 per person including dessert.

If you would like to create a special meal or even treat yourself to an amazingly tasty treat, go to to check out what my favorites are and let me know what you think.