New Year

It is so exciting to be in the beginning of a brand New Year. It’s a “do over”. Just like in “City Slickers”. We can make up new rules, have brand new goals and develop new relationships. You can re-invent yourself and your business. Whatever you choose to do, no one should be able to tell you to do anything different than you choose.
I love to inspire others to dig deep and discover what it is that truly inspires them. Even when people have their own businesses, they often followed their job and stayed in the same industry. They have never questioned what makes them happy, what makes them filled fulfilled or keeps them excited about their work.
When we live our passion, everyday is a job. It isn’t work, it’s engaging and part of our personalities. It is fun and rewarding. So it is important for you to make sure you are living your life on purpose and embracing every day as though it us a precious gift.
Stop and take stalk of how you spend your days and what you are doing to live your life on purpose.