Time Management

I participated in a workshop this week where Tom Rohrer revealed his Re: MinderTM system. It is the best time management system I have ever seen. I love that everything I need to take care of each week is on one sheet of paper.
All the details involving my business goals are on the front side and the back is all my personal goals. I can update it each week and stay on top of the tasks, appointments, events, speaking engagements, inventory, phone calls and such that I need to make each week. It helps me keep focused.
I don’t know about you, but I have so many things that I am interested in. I have 38 websites and counting. I am writing multiple articles all the time. I have about 60 products that I have created and I am always creating new products and new websites. So far I’ve been able to check off more items on my “to do” list in two weeks than ever before.
So if I find this tool useful, I’m sure you will enjoy gaining more time in your week. It’s the one thing that I know we never have enough of.