Customer Service

How many of you watched the Super Bowl? It’s such a tradition! I was getting my car washed when a nice young man offered to punch in my car wash code and a nice cold bottle of water. Nice extra service! It was 70 degrees and very warm sitting in the sun. He told me that he was going to a local bar to watch with friends. It was his ritual and it was the best way for him to enjoy the event.
Personally, I have only seen maybe one or two Super Bowls. When I was married I used to buy my husband season tickets to the Oakland Raiders so he would leave the house to watch football. It seemed the smartest thing to do. I’m not a spectator; I would rather be the participant in life.
Does it matter who wins? Does it matter more how the game is played? Do people take exception to being the looser? Does it cause conflict among those who weren’t rooting for the same team?
Do we need another reason to be in conflict? Other than the entertainment factor, I take exception to what the competitive sports franchises instigate among relationships.
When you think about what you want to spend your time doing, pick and choose what is worthwhile.