I was thinking about an author I had been working with over two years ago. She had stopped working on her book and I hadn’t talked with her in about six months.

So when she called, I was really pleased. She called to tell me she got engaged over the holidays and was planning a June wedding.

We talked about her writing and how she missed writing. I asked her if she had changed her direction in her writing and she had. Rather than writing a children’s book she has decided to write about children who are disabled and how teacher’s can be better prepared to work with them.

It’s a great direction for her and one that will make her happier. She has been working with disabled children for over six years and has a real passion for finding ways of making them feel less conscious about their disability.

So she has her new website and she is now very excited about getting back to her writing. In fact, she wants to have the book finished before her wedding!

So it’s wonderful to reconnect with her and know that she’s back on track!