Wrap Up

Another year’s end! Another beginning . . . we’re on the cusp of the next year!

Do you have a Bucket List?

What would be the top ten things you want to do in your life?

Who would you want to meet?

Where would you want to go?

What would you want to see?

What would you want to hear?

What would you want to taste?

What would you want to feel?

If you were to accomplish these things how would it change your life? What would you feel you had accomplished other than to accommodate your list?

My list has 30+ items with the number 2 being to meet and talk with the Dali Lama. The first item on my list is to build a school for kids at risk. It is my fondest wish to  provide at least 2% of all of our children in the U.S. who have no adult to protect them with a safe haven where they can be cared for, educated in the best possible way; be exposed to the most innovative means of education beyond anyone’s imagination.

I imagine my life will never be the same once we begin our school UBU. It will be the beginning of an amazing world changing event. We will take care of these children, starting with the U.S. children and then moving through one country to the next.

This year is over, but we are just beginning!