When I look back on my life and ponder all of the adventures, exposures and people I know I am blessed. I spend more time than most would deem it necessary in evaluating my experiences.

It was a rough beginning and that forces me to look at why I’ve had the experiences that have come my way. Why did I need to learn those lessons? What was the point? Did they make me stronger, more aware more temperate?

Is our life all pre-destined? Do we come here to expand our soul’s exposure to living experiences? Do we have choice?

These questions fall slightly short of saying, what is the meaning of life?

That is what most people face when they are in the last moments of their existence on earth, but I have questioned my life since I was a child.

I was told I was too sensitive, too dramatic, too . . . and who was to determine whether I was “too” anything? I just was! I just am!

I might spend more time than the average questioning what was and how it effects me today and that leads me to a greater understanding of how we become stronger in the face of challenging times.

I am because I am!