Bank Robbery

I went to a very small school in the very small town of Mendocino. It was a time when life was much easier than it is today for teenagers.

One of the boys who was a year older than me and had grown up through the first grade and even catechism had been in many of the same classes I was. We were friend, nothing more than friends and I loved being his friend. He laughed so easily, he didn’t judge others and he was always up for an adventure.

I’m not sure what gave him the idea, but he asked me to be a part of a movie he was filming and I didn’t hesitate to agree.

He had already arranged with the bank to let us go into the vault and nab a money sack filled with newspapers he had cut into the same size as money. The local police agreed to chase us after we came out of the bank and we had one 35mm camera filming the whole thing.

A couple of years ago Steve was in town and had a copy of the film with him. We were able to watch again after more than 40 years. It was so much fun to see what a fun stunt we pulled off!