It might seem unusual to most people but I only venture out into the world once a week. I still find it a different lifestyle from when I was in California I would go out to the stores at least three times a week. I enjoyed being around people even if they were wearing face masks!

But here in Texas, the air is a bit heavy from the plants processing crude oil and it effects my lungs drastically . . . so I try not to subject myself to being outside unless I have to!

I typically go north one week and south the next week and make two stops. Rarely do I deviate from my routine.

I stopped at the first store and noticed a couple sitting on the sidewalk. They appeared to be in their 50s and were huddled together since it was about 55°.

I went into the store thinking about them as I went through each isle grabbing my usually supplies and thought to get them a few things but I didn’t.

When I came back outside they were still there and since I asked for cash at the register I gave the couple $10. She warmly thanked me and he just grinned at me. I told her I thought about getting them some food but decided they would be better off choosing their own food and she told me how much she appreciated it!

They sent me off with a cheerful “have a blessed day!” and with a warm feeling in my heart, I felt a whole lot better about my day!