Most often people are not comfortable with silence, unless they’re on an elevator.
When people drive in their cars, the radio is on or they’re on their phone.
Silence gives us the time to reflect on their day, their experiences or even their past.
I was challenged to spend an entire week in silence while driving in my car.

It was an interesting experience. I let my mind wander from my childhood to my relationships, jobs and friends. I was surprised to find how calm I became. Instead of being distracted by a talk show or music I had heard many times over, I spent the time contemplating how my life had come to be what it was and what I had gained from all of my experiences.

It made me wonder how many people go through the years never thinking about what lead them to where they are. Was their lives always so busy they didn’t make the time to think about their experiences or all the people they’ve met.

We are surrounded by noise. It’s all around us all the time! It’s deafening . . . it’s overwhelming!

Stop and appreciate the silence.

Spend the time to reflect on the wonderful experiences you’ve had in your life!