My friend Gwen and I had just finished a two day show selling her jewelry and I was able to work with over 20 people who I did my NESTing (removing negative emotions) process. We were about an hour away from her home so we decided it would be great to treat ourselves to dinner at a restaurant. We were full of enthusiasm and stories to share of our two day experience.

One the way into the restaurant I noticed a man sitting on the curb. He was about 60 and in tattered clothing with a small worn bag at his side. The closer we got to him I noticed he was counting out pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters that he placed on the edge of the sidewalk.

Without thinking, I reached into my wallet to find all I had was a $10 bill. I offered him the money and he looked up at me with a blank expression . . . and then two tears rolled down his cheek.

It was enough to break my heart!

I don’t know what is story was or how he could possibly be in a position where he had to count out change to assess his ability to have a meal but whatever the situation, it was wrong.

In a country where so much food is wasted and so many people are hungry, why hasn’t someone figured out how to end this cycle?