I gather up the year and look at all my experiences as though someone had told them to me in a story. I like to observe my life to gain a better understanding of what I have experienced. Being in the moment doesn’t always lead to the best perspective.

I gathered my friends closer than ever before; I made some great new friends and had to let a few go a few friends for various reasons but mostly because our lives had to drift in different directions.

When I look back at all the friends I have accumulated I always feel blessed by the breadth of their knowledge, experiences and kindness. They have watched my back more than ever before this year. They have supported my dream and embraced it as their very own. They have counseled me, encouraged me and given me comforting words when I needed them.

I gather my friends around me in spirit; they are from all over the world. I accumulate memories and lessons about how each and every one of them have impacted me.

I love my friends and what they bring to my life. I love how we have so much to do together in the coming year and the new memories we will create!