I Believe

I started out being raised Catholic. I was exposed to some pretty ugly stuff in the church. At home my family life left a lot to be desired and according to the Catholic church, you get what you deserve. As a child I struggled to understand what I had done to deserve the parents I had and the sister I drew. There was no explanation that justified what I was exposed to.

I married at a young age of 19 and only replicated the situation I had left at home. I didn’t understand that at the time and it is truly one of the only situations I have not been able to justify as to what the life lessons were.

I spent a number of years chasing explanations. I spent more time taking classes and reading books to find a way to gain an understanding of what all of the lessons meant.

I didn’t find any answers but I did find some peace of mind eventually. Of all the many processes I experienced one stood out above the rest. It’s a process designed by a chiropractor in Colorado. The process helped me reduce the amount of emotional challenges I had and gave me a sense of acceptance nothing else had ever been able to do.

I believe each and every experience we have in our life is meant to help us learn the lessons we need to learn. How we learn them and how we move through them determines whether we can move on to the next lesson.