Seasons End

I am amazed that the summer is winding down already! Fortunately I took some time out this weekend to go out to the Sacramento Delta and have lunch with a good friend. We found a wonderful place called Moore’s Riverboat. It is right on the water and has the friendliest staff! It was like taking a mini vacation.

So getting back to the desk on Monday was much easier. Not that I ever seem to mind working, in fact I have a tough time staying away from work. Which is the whole point of what living your life on purpose is all about.

If you’re still dreading going to work each day, please take a time out and start creating a plan to look for that ideal job or better yet, start your own business. It’s a lot easier than you think!

If you were to take 30 minutes each day and work toward that goal, in one month, you would have spent 10 hours working towards your ideal!