This week I am excited about my interview on Friday with my dear friends Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo. They are releasing “The New Think and Grow Rich” that single-handedly influenced more than 15 million readers. It is the original book that talked about positive thinking and focusing on what our ideal is rather than what isn’t working. Sound a little like “The Law of Attraction?”

What you might not realize if you feel like you’re fighting to swim upstream against the downstream of the economy is that you have a wealth of resources available for you to change your economic picture in a very short time.

You might start by studying the 97% of the self-made millionaires in the US, or if you want a short cut, Ray and Maria have offered you free access to a wealth of resources on their website, that’s right, free.

So, get started and then let me know what you’ve done to take action! That’s the only way you’ll every change what you donut like going on in your life.