The Dream

Many years later, I was about 40 when the dream sequence began to return. But now the dream was definitely in the future.

The first dream I had was of being on the deck of a large clipper ship. I was dressed in heavy wool clothing, directing traffic of all those who were boarding the three ships that were docked in the harbor.

The entire dream was watching as the children and a few adults were finding their places on the ship.

We had just experienced the worst natural disaster ever recorded. The earth shook for days, splitting the United States into five separate bodies of land. There was much speculation of a total collapse of the governmental control and a reinstatement of colonies.

I knew each adult that was on the ship had a specific skill which we would need where we were going. There were electrical engineers, plumbers, herboligist, naturopaths, alternative health practitioners, those who knew folklore and the stories of our history. Each and every adult brought a skill for our survival and well being.

Everyone did their best to make the children feel as though this were an adventure rather than a disaster. It was particularly difficult for the younger children because they missed their parents who had not survived the disaster.