Skiing in Switzerland-2

I didn’t learn to ski until I was 27 and the 4th and last run of the day a small fry skied over the top of my skis just I got off the chair lift in Tahoe. I flew out of the bindings and landed on a mogul, cracking every rib on my right side (another story).

So, I decided if I was going to learn to ski properly I had to go where there was plenty of snow. That’s how Switzerland comes in!

We found a great trip that was in Flims. It was amazing, landing in Zurich and taking the train through the Alps was like taking a trip back in time!

We stayed at a beautiful resort where the fireplace in the entry had full grown trees rolled into it and to get to our room we walked under ground through tunnels. There were different tunnels to get to the dining room, workout room as well as the indoor/outdoor pool.

We took a tram to the mountain where I signed up for lessons and was fortunate to be assigned Johnny who was an ex-Olympian from France. He had to stop skiing competitively because a ski pole went through is right eye.

Every day we took a gondola to the top of the mountain and spent the entire morning inching our way to the mid-way point just in time for lunch. Then we traversed the mountain all afternoon just to get back to the gondola in time for the last run down the hill at 4:30.