Lunch with the Mayor

I have always been civicly minded since I purchased a travel agency in 1991. One of the community activities that I supported held an event where they auctioned off various donations. The only item I was interested was lunch with our current mayor. I had spent a great deal of time talking with small business owners and was surprised at the difficulties that they faced when displaying signs, painting their retail locations, having orders to install unnecessary firewalls in restaurants, etc. I considered this to be an opportunity to express my point of view.

I kept bidding on the lunch with great anticipation and finally at the end of the event, I did indeed win my lunch time with the mayor!

We made arrangements to meet at a stylist location a few weeks out and when the mayor arrived, she parked her car, leaving it unattended in front of the establishment. I guess that’s a mayor’s prerogative! In the front seat was a life-size stuffed bear! When I asked her the significance, she laughed and said that he was “good company!”

We were bantering about the conditions of the business community and my questioning led to my initial concerns when I looked up and noticed that the mayor had lettuce stuck to the side of her face.

I hadn’t been watching her as she ate, and it was a bit odd that the lettuce would have ended up a good two inches from her mouth and gone unnoticed by her. So I mentioned that she had something on her cheek.

She reached up, took the lettuce off her cheek and promptly put it in her mouth!

So much for my line of reasoning with the mayor!