I have never wanted to be a healer! It is a very heady responsibility. I have always been empathetic so I have been very leery of being involved with any hands on techniques.

But in 1991 I began to see a chiropractor who had been trained the the Neuro Emotional Technique (NETwork chiropractic) and the results were rapid and lasting. But the treatments didn’t stop with the physical dysfunction, they included emotional dysfunctions, both past and current, as well.

I had my DNA activated in September 2009 and something happened that changed my life forever.

I began having “knowings” about people. I wouldn’t understand why I knew when people were sad or they had had difficult relationships with their parents or they had been physically or sexually abused, or even have a warning as to when these times of awareness would occur.

But I had started working with a few selective people  back in 2005. It wasn’t very often, but when I saw how a chiropractor in San Diego was struggling with having to get up and speak in front of the group of speakers. When I asked his wife if he would be open to trying out the technique, she said he’d be more than open if he could get over his tremendous fear of speaking.

We had less than ten minutes, but I managed to work through the issue. Then he got up on stage and delivered his ten minute presentation  flawlessly and afterwards he walked off the stage. He made a beeline for the wall and he slid down the wall to sit on the floor.

I walked over to him and he said “I can’t believe I got through that!”

As actress Marlee Matlin said at our franchise event in 1990, “You all know my disability but as I look out at you I just can’t see yours!”

Everyone has idiosyncrasies and everyone can get beyond them. NESTing just happens to be a rapid method of getting through the challenges we have been exposed to throughout our lives.