I was outside at a local park in Walnut Creek and looked up at the clouds. It was one of those days when the clouds were big puffy white and beautiful. You know the kind of clouds where you can see pictures in the shapes of the clouds.

When I looked up and saw the amazing formations in the sky I began to develop a story. The cumulus clouds were where the angels would go to rest when they had to spend so much time on earth to work with people who were in trouble and needed extra protection.

When there were stratus clouds, the problems on earth were not as intense.

There weren’t as many angels required to be on earth and watch over everyone on earth. So they didn’t need as thick of a covering to go back and take a rest when they needed to replenish their energy.

When the problems of the world are quiet and not demanding the attention of the angels, the few angels that are required can rest briefly in the cirrus clouds. They are more sparse but still allow the angels the cover they need for a brief respite.

But when the clouds are no where to be seen and the sky is clear blue, all is well in the world and the angels have time to return to heaven.