The biggest challenge I have ever had is learning to be patient. I have been waiting for a month to receive a call about the funding that has been promised to build a school for kids at risk.

The funds were approved the last day of December and were promised by March 31st. There has been information every few days about how the World Trade Fund has decided to Revalue International currency.

We have been waiting for word on when we are going to hear of the resolution but it seems like everyone has become involved.

It is now projected to take another month. We have many people on the team for the school construction waiting in the wings. They have jobs to leave; house to pack up and close and a lot of details to wind down.

But waiting is hard . . .

I love to be in action, waiting is very difficult when there is so much to do.

I have never mastered being patient. I woke up one day and decided I didn’t like my porch and by the end of the day I had ripped down the old one and had the new porch framed. Two days later the porch was finished!

I love the sense of completion. I love seeing things get done.

Waiting is not my style!