Have you noticed that almost everyone you know is going through one form of struggle or another? I asked my spiritual guide what was going on because these are major challenges.

He told me that we are all being tested. I asked how long this is going to continue and he said that when the time is right, we’ll all be in an amazing new way of life.

The big lesson is to let go and stop thinking that we have control of what is going on. I know it seems ridiculous, but the more we try to control what is going on, the more the challenges will appear.

When we are struggling with any aspect of our life, it is best to stop and take stalk. What do we need to change? What is working in our live and what needs to be improved.

Never let negative emotions get the best of you. You will miss the lesson if you do.

I know it doesn’t help to hear that so many others are experiencing these challenges, but it might help to know that when you have come through the challenges you are experiencing, you will be amazed at how wonderful your life will become.