Holiday Stress

I have watched as people have succumbed to the stress of the holidays and I am saddened to think that they have completely missed the point of the season. Or maybe it’s their survival tactics but what a waste of energy. I know that I was one of them about 23 years ago. I remember … Read more

Stress Relief

I love my life . . . I love my friends . . . I am so happy to be me! Do you feel the same way? If not, why not? What gets in your way? Are you stressed? I ask my clients, what do you accomplish by being stressed? Does it serve you or … Read more


Have you noticed that almost everyone you know is going through one form of struggle or another? I asked my spiritual guide what was going on because these are major challenges. He told me that we are all being tested. I asked how long this is going to continue and he said that when the … Read more