Stress Relief

I love my life . . . I love my friends . . . I am so happy to be me! Do you feel the same way? If not, why not? What gets in your way?

Are you stressed? I ask my clients, what do you accomplish by being stressed? Does it serve you or does it wear away at your good health? Usually the answer is the former. So then the question is, why would you allow others to deteriorate your good health?

What is the major focus you need to have this week that will take you to the next level of your success? Who can help you accomplish it? What will it take for you to ask for the help you need?

Go for it! There’s only 2 answers, Yes or No. If it’s No, then say “next” . . . there are too many people willing to help you and you are cheating them out of the pleasure helping you get what you need for your success. So ask and ask often!