Holiday Stress

I have watched as people have succumbed to the stress of the holidays and I am saddened to think that they have completely missed the point of the season. Or maybe it’s their survival tactics but what a waste of energy.
I know that I was one of them about 23 years ago. I remember it so clearly. I had worked in the corporate environment for eight years and I had more road rage than common sense. I was swearing all of the time and seemed to live in the midst of anger. I slept fitfully, had ulcers and spent a great deal of time at the doctors.
I didn’t purposely set out to change; it was a quiet metamorphism that took no less than ten years.  I lost my corporate job, believing at the time it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me, yet it was the best!
Without the corporate stress, I began to let go of the stress, I stopped needing to see a doctor on a regular bases. I began to talk time out to relax and soon began to discover new tools that helped me understand a way of life that was more in line with whom I am or who I had meant to be.
Stress is a matter of choice. It affects everyone around us, but sadly it hurts the ones who stress more than anyone else. Choose wisely.