Book Launch

I’ve been so engrossed in my book marketing campaign I can hardly think of anything else. Yet life goes on and there’s those pesky tasks that have to be done every day. I often wonder if I should get a house cleaning service? I have no problem letting the dusting and vacuuming go for weeks at a time. After all, it will just need to be done again nearly as soon as it’s done.

Years ago I decided that it was important to have dinner guests over once a month because they were the inspiration to make sure my house was in order and often, I would create new projects that would make me happy for days to follow.

What do you avoid because you can? Are there things that you put off because they don’t have a high priority for you? Give yourself permission to establish permission to let tedious tasks go undone when you’re working on specific projects.

After all, to my best recollection, I have never lost a friend because I didn’t get around to dusting!

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  1. Hi Alex – I tried to send you an email but it bounced using the address you left here. I would like to talk with you about your book and the marketing concepts I’ve developed, so I’ll need your phone number. Sharyn

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