It’s my birthday and I am so pleased with the past year I have spent. I have had them most amazing speaking engagements, met incredible people, talked away hours and hours about all the finer points in life and even found a way to appreciate the experience of having to have lost my dear brother. He left me with so many precious memories and a new outlook on my life.
Because of his influence on my life, I have decided to move to Belize. I am going to start a new life in a country I’ve only been to once. I am going to start a school for children who have been neglected and discarded. I will integrate into a new culture and find a way of making it a better place for those who haven’t found a way for themselves.
I turned 58 today and I love my life. I love what my life represents. I am humbled by the many who have come into my life and inspired me to stand up taller and answer the call to be responsible for the well being of others.
It has been a marvelous year.