I’m starting a new series this month called “Be Your Own Boss Guide”. It is designed to help those who have been laid off and help them figure out what they can do that is suited to their personality.
I speak to several groups at outplacement services and I am frustrated with the lack of resources for all of those who have lost their jobs. In this hiring climate, it will be very difficult for them to replace their income.
The only solution at this point is to create a new business. It would be better to start their own business, even if they have to join with someone who has the skills that they don’t have. It would be better to be involved in a franchise than to go back into the job market, if they can find a job, they’ll end up having to go through the process again within two years.
I don’t want people to experience this devastating scenario over and over. It’s time to take responsibility for their future and look at how becoming an entrepreneur can change their life.
If you know of anyone looking for a job, talk to them about how they could start their own business.