Year’s End

Here we go, the last few days of the year and oh my, it’s happened too fast! I love being in the moment and accepting what is as only today’s reality. I revel in knowing that each day is a brand new beginning.
The New Year adds double emphasis to analyze what we see is going on in our lives but more importantly, what we’re not looking at. What have you been willing to overlook?  Is your health what it should be? What can you do to improve your physical appearance? Are you spending quality time with your family and friends?
It’s just as important to celebrate the wins we have in life. When I accomplish something special, I have several tactics to celebrate that will leave a long-term memory.  One is to buy a ring another is to buy a very special dress. The rings are life long reminder of my milestone successes. The dresses remind me of how special it is to accomplish what I set out to achieve.
Are you celebrating your wins? What can you do to bring more accomplishment into your life? First, acknowledge the success and then remind yourself daily. The longer you hold onto the feeling, the more success you’ll attract.
Happy New Year and I truly hope that 2009 is the best year you’ve ever had.