Have you ever had the phone ring just as you were thinking of the person who called? I decided to keep track of how often this happens and hardly a week goes by without an incidence. I’ll get an email from someone I haven’t heard from in ages, a phone call when I had just thought of them a couple of days prior. I know that the frequency has sped up because I’m actually recording it.
Why would that matter in the scheme of things? I believe that we all have more capabilities than we’ll ever know. Some people claim to be psychic, while others depend on the intuition. Women are accredited for having a sixth sense, especially where there children are concerned.
Why anyone would want to deny these phenomena’s is beyond me. It’s hard to refute these occurrences when there are so many irrefutable recordings of instances from all over the world.
What if we were more in tune with our intuition? Would we make better choices? Would we choose our friends and lovers more carefully? I’d like to think so! Just think about it!