Challenge to Change

I often take the time to stop and Acknowledge the people, places and things that have been a catalyst in my life and in my endeavors. I believe it is important take the time to appreciate those people and things that provide the means to make changes in our lives.

I firmly believe the changes we experience are an important to our spiritual growth. I personally have spent the majority of my life fighting or trying to avoid changes. But, it’s not possible, is it. To be alive is to experience change. The challenge to change is a major inhibitor to most people being able to move through life gracefully.

That is the biggest challenge we face. When we are experiencing an unplanned change, the resistance to the change is the most logical reaction. But it is that very change that we need to move through to our next level of our lessons. I know it seems to be impossible to embrace changes gracefully but when we do, we learn more from the experience than when we resist the lesson.

Our life is meant to be full of changes. It is how we develop on all levels of our soul development. Then when we’ve learned all we can or have meant to learn in this life time, we transition to take a break in another dimension.

Embrace changes and keep your eyes and heart open to the lesson you are about to experience.