Giving up Habits

Ever since I was 15 I have had the privilege of giving up habits which didn’t work for me.  The first habit I was giving up was stuttering. That’s what started it all. I managed to give up the southern drawl, and the next was walking like a duck my senior year of high school so I could stop tripping over my own toes.

Imagine how great it was to learn I could change anything with conscious effort, just by concentrating on it, and learning that by the time I was 18.

From that point on, I choose specific things that I knew were holding me back. People who know me today can’t imagine I was painfully shy and couldn’t walk into a room filled with strangers, get on an airplane alone or even eat out at a restaurant by myself.

It’s hard for me to imagine how many things that I have changed, but the most challenging was at 57 when I decided to stop offering help to others unless they asked for my help. It was inspired by knowing several people who were complaining about something in their lives and when I told them my experience in similar situations, they weren’t interested in anything except having something to complain about.

So this year, my goal is to get out and play more. I want to make sure I start socializing more. I will have dinner out at least once a month with a friend and go to the movies at least once a month. I will also have lunch with at least one person I just met once every month. And, the most difficult is to go somewhere once a month where I don’t know anyone.

It is so easy to get caught up in a routine and I truly love to meet new people, and remembering I can’t offer any advice.

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