Belize if Your Please

I finally got to visit Belize and begin the process to build my school for kids at risk in the US. The plan is to take 300 boys there for a full ride scholarship for high school.

I got in on Friday just after noon and had a very pleasant cab ride into the Princess Hotel. I slept 9 hours so I made up for the 3 days I only slept 9 hours total.

Saturday morning I got up and walked into town. I spent five hours walking around interviewing locals asking them what they wanted changed about Belize. The most common answer was “reduce crime.” When I interviewed a policeman he didn’t think the crime was very bad. I asked him if he thought it was because he was carrying a gun. He just laughed.

I spent the majority of my time waiting around for people to return my calls, which actually never happened. On Monday I called a Re/Max Realtor who agreed to pick me up on Thursday and turned out to save the trip from being a total waste.

He drove 90 minutes to pick me up and 90 minutes back to Cayo where he showed me two properties that were at least twice as much as I intend to spend, but were certainly ideal.

2 thoughts on “Belize if Your Please”

  1. I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the internet, it is refreshing to read a blog like yours instead.

  2. Hi Wyatt – thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it. I enjoy writing so much and love to challenge people to follow their passion and live their lives on purpose. I look forward to hearing from you again. Sharyn

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