Who is Flying?

On the way home that Friday I stopped by the Concord airport and signed up for ground school.

I left the receipt pink slip on the counter and began to put things together for dinner. When my husband came home that night he scanned the pink slip and asked “What is this?”

“I signed up for ground school!” I answered.

“No wife of mine is going to fly!” he flared.

I quietly went about my dinner preparations and never said another word about it. About three weeks later I went to DVC, the local junior college and signed up for a sewing class.

Again I left the pink slip on the counter and when my husband came home, he picked up the slip and said, “Good for you! I know how much you enjoy sewing!”

I answered “Yes, I signed up for a sewing class.”

So, for six months I went to the ground school and never once discussed it with my husband.

By the time I had finished ground school, I had already filed for divorce. Not that it had anything to do with the ground school, but I finally learned to stand up for myself and not acquiesce to someone else’s sense of what was right for me.