Fear of Parties – 4

We arrived promptly at 6:30 and Carole, the host was very gracious. She wasn’t finished dressing so she excused herself as soon as we were settled with a glass of wine. The wine was set up in the kitchen so Fred suggested I stand near the end of the counter where people would have to … Read more

Fear of Parties – 3

So it was finally the day of the party, the Friday after Thanksgiving. I got up early and made coffee and by the time Fred came in for breakfast I told him as calmly as I could, “I can’t go to the party. I too afraid.” I actually cried. I resisted every logical point he … Read more

Fear of Parties

I was very shy as a young woman. I didn’t enjoy being around people socially and would do whatever I could to avoid attending parties. I was fine going out dancing with girlfriends but I always had to have them in my line of sight to stay comfortable. I had been with Fred for 8 … Read more

Conquering Fear

I started taking flying lessons in the spring of 84 and it was grueling. I hired a man from Brazil who used dramatic tactics to make sure I had what it took. When I took my first night flight to Stockton we were on approach when the runway lights went out. I immediately raised the flaps … Read more

Who is Flying?

On the way home that Friday I stopped by the Concord airport and signed up for ground school. I left the receipt pink slip on the counter and began to put things together for dinner. When my husband came home that night he scanned the pink slip and asked “What is this?” “I signed up … Read more

Facing Your Fear

In 1978 I was working for a local typesetter in Lafayette when a young woman came in to install our new typesetting system. My eyes lit up and I asked her how long she had worked for the company. She told me she had  been with them for two years and she got to travel … Read more