Fear of Parties

I was very shy as a young woman. I didn’t enjoy being around people socially and would do whatever I could to avoid attending parties. I was fine going out dancing with girlfriends but I always had to have them in my line of sight to stay comfortable.

I had been with Fred for 8 months when he began to tell me about a Christmas party we had been invited to. It was September and I was bound and determined to find a way to get out of attending!

The first excuse I used was that I had nothing to wear. He came home with three dresses from iMagnum. They were all perfect!

The next excuse I used was I had no shoes to go with the dress. Of course he brought home several pairs of beautiful heels.

A couple of weeks later it was October already and I came up with “I can’t go with my hair like this!” It was straight and down to my waist.

I week later he said we were going to go have lunch downtown and instead he had made an appointment for me to have my hair cut and styled as well as my first manicure and pedicure!