Fear of Parties – 2

I was running out of excuses and it was now early November! I thought about it for a couple of weeks before I thought I came up with the perfect excuse!

“I have nothing to say to people who belong to a country club!”

He was so clever. He never argued, he never raised his voice and he always had a solution!

That Friday Fred came home with a stack of magazines and newspapers. He had Newsweek, Forbes, USA Today, etc.

“Are you writing another article?” I asked as he dropped them on the kitchen table!

“I’ll be right back!” he said over his shoulder as he went back to the car.

This time he brought a case of wine in and set it on the table.

“These are all for you!” he said calmly.

“Why?” I asked suspiciously.

“You’re going to spend the weekend reading all this material and you will have something to say at the party!” he offered.

He even brought home enough groceries to make meals the whole weekend so I wouldn’t have an excuse to get out of ready by cooking!

Darn, he was clever!

So that’s how I spent the entire weekend. Reading and talking to Fred about what I read. It was not the least bit pleasant!