About a years after Michael and I moved in together I  picked up Richard Bach’s (Jonathan Livingston Seagull author) A Bridge Across Forever. It is a wonderful story about how he and Leslie Parish (the actress) used to fall asleep holding hands and shared the very same dream.

So Michael and I would take turns reading the book out loud to each other and then while holding hands, we would fall asleep.

About six months after we began the practice, Michael was having a dream about a professor in the jungle who had developed a serum that would make a lizard grow as large as a dinosaur.

The problem was the lizard began to develop an appetite for people and would absorb their intelligence when he ate them.

The professor started to make a new serum to make the lizard shrink back down to normal size. But the lizard overheard the professor tell Michael and ended up eating the professor before the serum could be finished.

In his dream he climbed up to the top of the roof to warn people that the lizard was coming and to hide. All of a sudden he felt something on his butt and thought the lizard was going to bite him.

In my dream I saw Michael on the roof of a house. He started to fall off and I reached out in bed to grab his bare bottom to save him!

Michael jumped out of bed and literally ran down the hall before he realized he had just awakened from a dream.

Once we compared notes we had a hard time getting back to sleep because we kept giggling about the dreams!