I was at the awards dinner after my second year of recreational down hill ski racing when one of the men from one of the competing ski clubs stood up at the end of the table and said he wanted to tell a ski story before his wife returned from the bathroom.

We all gave him our attention since we had been taking turns telling our favorite ski stories for about an hour.

He started by saying it had been about three years before when he and his wife were skiing at Northstar. When they got to the top of the lift he told her he was going to got to the bathroom in the trees. She told him how unfair it was that men could go and women couldn’t. He told her to just far enough into the trees that no one could see her.

He was waiting for her on the run when all of a sudden he heard her scream and as he turned to see what was going on he saw her skiing backwards, bare bottomed out of the forest.

One of the other attendees jumped up and yelled “It’s your wife’s fault I broke my nose and my arm! I heard her scream and I turned while skiing to see what she was screaming about and turned around too late to miss skiing into a tree!”

So all three of us were united three years later. Imagine skiing at Northstar on the same day and then not knowing each other, attended the same awards dinner!